Spring Break For Adults

The arrival of spring is worth celebrating. After a winter of cold and often dark days, springtime announces a new beginning. Wildlife return from their season of hibernation, parkas are shed in favor of light jackets and seeds planted in the winter begin to bloom in glory. Spring is a perfect time for young and old to let loose and enjoy the adventure and wonder of the season.
If Girls Gone Wild is not your style, avoid the following vacation spots that attract the MTV party crowd:

o Arizona – Lake Havasu City

o Florida – Panama City, Dayton, South Beach, Miami, Key West

o Texas – South Padre Island

o Mexico – Acapulco, Cancun, Mazatlan

o Caribbean – Punta Cana, Dominican Republic; Nassau, Bahamas; Paradise Island, Bahamas; Montego Bay, Jamaica; Negril, Jamaica

Take heart! There are many other springtime places to satisfy your wanderlust. Here are four of our favorite picks worth exploring.

Romantic Getaway

Montreal, Canada. Montreal beckons visitors with its easy mix of French charm, decadent shops and restaurants and hip, cosmopolitan vibe. Enjoy a romantic dinner cruise along the St. Lawrence River where you are treated to culinary delights, sultry jazz and the city’s twinkling lights or stay on shore and treat yourself to a progressive dinner at three of Montreal’s star-studded restaurants.

When you are ready for a romantic stroll filled with the tantalizing sights and sounds of the city head to Sainte-Catherine Street in downtown Montreal to discover why Montreal is the double decker city. The largest concentration of stores in Canada can be found above ground while underneath every nook and cranny is filled with shops and boutiques. Sainte-Catherine traverses from east to west across the entire city. Enjoy the decidedly hip vibe evoked by this worldly marketplace nestled between mountains and rivers. Splurge in designer boutiques and trend-setting art galleries or simply enjoy the juxtaposition of modern skyscrapers and centuries-old buildings. When night falls, dine or dance the night away in the hottest clubs in the country. Montreal has many five-star accommodations, from upscale luxury hotels and well-known chains to cozy B&Bs. Enjoy a luxurious stay at the five-star Hotel Sofitel on

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