Fishing for Steelhead in Canada

If you’re an experienced fishing hobbyist or enthusiast, you should be ready for steelhead fishing. And what better place to do it than in Canada? Steelhead fishing is popular there because of the abundance of this species and also because of the numerous bodies of water found there.

The Canadian steelhead

The steelhead belongs to the trout family and is considered as a close relation of another popular fish, the rainbow trout. It is one of the most sought after game fish and is highly prized. It is native to North America’s west coast and is also found in California, USA, Japan and Asia’s east coast.

Although most types of rainbow trout stay in the streams where they were hatched all their lives, some of them migrate to other bodies of water such as lakes while others move out to sea.

The steelhead is one of these seagoing trout. They are spawned in the rivers and streams where they stay for a year. They then swim to the sea as smolts and live 2-3 years there until they mature. As adults, they will return to the rivers were they began life. Canadian steelheads can be pretty impressive, weighing up to 20 lbs. when mature.

Fishing for the steelhead

In Canada, the steelhead can be found in many of this country’s numerous rivers and streams. Fishing for the steelhead isn’t for beginners with little experience because it requires both patience and some skills. Fishing for the steelhead in Canada also means catching the fish during the colder months starting August until December, although they can also be caught until April. In some areas with heavy snows, fishing for the steelhead can be a very challenging adventure indeed.

Two of the most popular ways to catch the steelhead is through fly fishing and/or drift fishing using pink worms and roe. Certain areas in Canada also limit the number of steelheads you can catch. For example, some areas will only allow one catch from a hatchery per day and only two in the possession of the fisherman, with a maximum of only 10 steelheads per year. Any wild steelhead caught must also be released.

Advantages of fishing for steelhead in Canada

Probably the best reason for fishing for steelheads in Canada is the fact that many resorts and outfitters are available to assist and advice visitors. Equipment is also readily available and there are countless locations where fishing may be done. Furthermore, there is an added benefit of having plenty of other activities to do and scenic beauty to enjoy.

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